Graduation dissertation / Final examination

To obtain the title of Doctor of Biology, the student must take a final exam (degree exam), after passing all the exams and other educational activities. The final exam usually takes place in July, October, December and April of each academic year. The requirements for admission, the procedures for submitting the application, the notices and the schedule of the sessions are published on the CdS website. The Commission of the final exam is nominated by the Rector on the proposal of the President of the CdS, is composed of a minimum of 5 members, the majority of which must be made up of regular teaching professors and is chaired by the President of the CdS or by one of her delegates. The President of the Graduation Commission is responsible for ensuring the regularity of the performance of the test.

The methods for carrying out and evaluating the final examination are established as follows: at the end of the practical-applicative training course (internship) the student must present, to the delegate of the Degree Course for the training internships, a short written report describing the methods used and the main results obtained. Subsequently, before the Graduation Commission, he/she presents and discusses the applied methodologies and the results obtained during his/her internship. The maximum time available to the student for the oral presentation is 10 minutes, during which he/she can use computer media. The Commission can ask the student questions aimed at verifying the autonomy achieved in the elaboration of practical internship experiences.

The Commission evaluates exposition and critical discussion of the issues related to the presentation and assigns for the final test a maximum score of 5 points which are added to the arithmetic average of the student's career scores. Further score may be added: 3 points if the student graduates in progress, 2 points if the student graduates in the first year out of course. If the candidate obtains the highest marks, the praise can be given with the unanimous opinion of the Commission. The final grade is expressed in one hundred tenths, regardless of the number of members of the examining commission. The exam is passed with at least sixty six / hundred tenths (66/110). The proclamation is made by the President of the Degree Commission by proxy received by the Rector. Registration for the final exam must be made exclusively online, according to the methods described on the website of the degree course.