The degree course in Biology provides students with basic knowledge in the main areas of Biology and methods of scientific research. Students will acquire: multidisciplinary methodological and technological skills for biological research; consolidated operational and applied skills in the field of biology, especially in technical and instrumental procedures for biological analyses at a wide level and research and monitoring activities; adequate skills in at least one European Union language, especially English; adequate competences and tools in communicating and managing scientific information; good capacity to work in teams and independently, and to adapt to a working environment; basic academic skills for constantly updating personal competences.

The Degree Course in Biology aims to prepare graduates with good basic knowledge of the main fields of biology, familiarity with specific methods of scientific investigation. Graduates possess multidisciplinary methodological and technological knowledge for biological investigation; solid operational and application skills in the biological field, with particular reference to biological and instrumental analysis procedures in both research and monitoring activities. They possess good written and oral knowledge of at least one language of the European Union, in particular English, adequate skills and tools for communicating and managing scientific information; good ability to work in a group, to operate with sufficient autonomy and to fit quickly into the workplace; the basic cognitive tools for the continuous updating of one's knowledge. During the first year, the Degree Course in Biology includes basic courses both in the mathematical, physical and chemical disciplines, and in the field of biological disciplines (Zoology, Genetics). Subsequently, the Course includes courses in the context of biological disciplines and their methodologies. There is also a course in Biological Laboratory Techniques and a practical-application internship (inside or outside the university structure). Free choice courses (12 CFU) offer an adequate space to the study of topics of individual interest.