Career prospects

Career and professional opportunities for graduates in Biology

Graduates in Biology can carry out professional activities in various fields, such as basic and applied research, in different industrial sectors, in the biomedical field, in the environmental field. Graduates in Biology can find employment at public and private research institutes, biotechnological, agri-food, pharmaceutical companies, in biological and environmental analysis institutes. Graduates can enter workplaces, at national, European and non-European level, having a good knowledge of English and good skills for communication and information management.

The three-year graduate in Biology can obtain the qualification to the regulated profession of Biologo Junior.

From the three-year to the master's degree

Thanks to the training acquired, graduates in Biology in Parma will have the tools to adequately follow any Master's Degree Courses, in particular LM-6 (Biology), LM-8 (Industrial biotechnology), LM-9 (Medical biotechnologies, veterinary and pharmaceuticals).