Admission test

Scheduled access is provided. For the 2019-20 academic year the planned number is 190 (of which 5 are non-EU) and there is no admission test. The registration will be made based on the chronological order of booking with evaluation of merit through the vote of maturity.

 All students who have obtained a secondary school diploma or an equivalent foreign degree can enroll in the Biology Degree Course.

 All information relating to registration is published in the University Study Manifesto on the institutional website. Admission to the CdS is regulated by a specific announcement which is published every year in June or July.

At the beginning of the first year curricular activities, a non-selective test of knowledge verification (Self-Assessment Test) is foreseen. It allows students to assess their own level of preparation in mathematical, physical and chemical disciplines. Failure to pass the knowledge verification test entails the attribution of an additional training obligation (OFA) which must be fulfilled during the first year of the course. Any fragility highlighted by the test will be filled with recovery / tutoring activities organized by the University or by the CdS. The verification of the OFA will be performed either by specific partial tests administered at regular intervals during the lesson period, or by examining specific questions and exercises. Students that, during the academic year, do not attend the aforementioned tests or do not pass them, will have to take the self-assessment test again, which will take place in October of the year following their year of enrollment. All information relating to the Self-Assessment Test is reported on the Biology CdS website